Classic Equestrian Center Horse Boarding in Moorpark California 93021 CREATE A BOARD PACKAGE THAT FITS YOUR BUDGET!!
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Classic Equestrian Center the Premier Boarding Facility in Ventura County offers custom horse boarding for you!!
We invite you to create a board package that fits your budget.

Our starting package is only $395 per month.

You will not find any other 5 star boarding facility in Ventura County
with these amenities at this great price.

This package includes a 12 x 24 half covered stall, 3 feeds per day and daily cleaning.

There are 7 stall options to choose from with different options that you can customize
to fit your budget and horse needs.

  • 12x24 HALF COVERED
  • 12X16 BOX STALL

Classic Equestrian Center offers boarding at a premier facility where you and your horse can enjoy a beautiful 24 acre landscaped property. Classic Equestrian Center is located just 1/2 mile off the 23 freeway on the boarder of Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and on the tip of Moorpark. This gives you the luxury of saving valuable time in your hectic schedule along with saving on fuel costs.

  • 5 arenas
  • 1/2 court
  • 60 foot round pens.
  • All of the arenas are watered and dragged daily.
  • Two of the arenas are lighted for night riding.
  • All horses get feed 3 times per day using premium quality hay.

We have 24 acres of all weather trails that have beautiful views of the adjacent area. Classic Equestrian Center is a full service facility so we can provide you and your horse with most of your needs.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to board at the best facility for less!!!
Schedule your tour and get your quote by calling 805-428-6868

Contact and Schedule a visit at Classic Equestrian Center in Moorpark California 93021Classic Equestrian Center Horse Boarding  2182 Tierra Rejada Road, Moorpark California 93021

There is something about horses that just reaches out and grabs people. I remember I was about 8 years old when I got it. It has never left me – this passion – this part of me that really isn’t complete if I’m not with the horses. That’s why I do what I do: I find great joy in sharing my passion with others. After years of lessons, studying, practicing, showing and playing around, I still love it! Helping others to learn about horses, and learn to ride well, is a big part of why I still enjoy being out here every day. I feel that I have something different to give, a different perspective that isn’t just about how to master horseback riding, it’s about how to be a good partner every time you’re on a horse. The truly unique thing about riding and working with horses is just that: it’s a partnership. There is a give and take, and you have to learn how to balance it for both partners to succeed. Too much influence on either side takes away from the other. A good balance produces a team that is actually better than the separate parts. I try to help students find that balance, to understand what they can give to the horse, and what they can learn from the horse. Every time they ride, it’s an opportunity to develop a relationship. Handling a horse can be intimidating, and rightly so. My lessons include instruction on handling horses in all aspects - from their stall to the show-ring. I address problems people might have with their own horse, and stress safety for the rider/handler at all times. After ground work, grooming and tacking up, students have time to learn a “balanced seat” and work on their strength and coordination, in addition to challenging their horse to perform interesting and sometime strenuous work! I use the Certified Horsemanship Association’s manual to guide riders through 4 levels of horsemanship, on their way to independent, confident riding. If a student so desires, they can compete in horse shows, once they are at the appropriate skill level. Horse shows can be a fun and challenging way to gauge the rider’s skills as they develop. I encourage my students to watch other lessons and horse shows, to get an idea of the possibilities for their future! I welcome questions anytime, and want to be sure that each answer I give really helps the student get where they want to go. I really am here for them, and I try to make the experience as enriching as possible.
Welcome to the Classic Equestrian Center. Our services includes boarding, training in Dressage, 3-Day Eventing,, Jumping, Western and Clinics.
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